America in Two Wheels

"Every day the choice is presented to us, to live up to the spirit that is in us, or deny it." - Henry Miller

This is the begining of a great adventure...

My dream is to travel with my motorcycle from Buenos Aires - Argentina, to Hyder - Alaska, riding my motorcycle more than 17,000 miles in 90 days; the departure is planning in 2010.

There are 40 ways in which Your contribution, great or small,
added to many others, will make possible this project.

THE PLAN - ride, ride & ride ...
The RULES - these are the rules of the road.
HOW YOU CAN COLLABORATE? - 40 different ways you can collaborate.
SPONSORS - supporting this adventure.

Thanks to those who did a Click on the announcements of this site, and to Rubén Fusco, Juan Waissman, Gonzalo Arzuaga, Sebastián Becu, Horacio Games, Juan A. Fernandez Aguerre, Hernán Alvarez, Pablo Bartolomé, Horacio Portela, Emilio Sayan, Marcelo Fontanetto.

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